Fog and Nature



For a brighter future

Wood Piles

Our mission is to innovate technology and materials to regenerate the world


Sustainability is not enough anymore, we must go beyond maintaining what we have and restore what we’ve lost. For the good of all living things and our plant as a whole.


We believe through innovation and creativity we can rebuild our environment and create a world in equilibrium where all things thrive.


We specialise in circular design practices and innovation, to turn traditional products that use non renewable resources, into desirable objects that do not cause harm to our earth. 

This means going further than recycling and focusing on materials that biodegrade and come from grown resources. 

Fern Plant

We design with the end in mind but also with where the products start from the material origins, our unique methodology and outlook gives ideas we work on a unique look and takes them beyond sustainable and towards regenerative for our planet.