We are a passionate award winning team driven by our mission to innovate technology and materials to regenerate the world. 

Bringing together passionate designers with solid marketing and business acumen Five Create, designs and distributes original innovative products that remove environmentally damaging products from the earth and replaces them with friendlier alternatives.  

Proudly carbon neural in all of our activities. 




Managing Director

James Whitfield

With a number of successful companies under his belt already, and design credits for blue chip companies and start-ups alike, James’ wide range of experience in not only design but management and delivery of design gives him a track record that underpins his passion and tenacity for the work he does.

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Creative Director

Sean Sykes

With backgrounds in both product design and engineering, Sean has brought his expertise from both worlds to shape and craft a wide variety of consumer goods. From the large mechanical machines used in the canning industry to the minute 3D printed details of fashion, Sean’s breadth of knowledge of processes, materials and their applications has helped Five forge new paths for design innovation and delivery.

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Operations Director

Ryan Ward

Overseeing logistics and customer service, Ryan has overseen the successful delivery of tens of thousands of orders and numerous crowdfunding campaigns. From the UK to Japan, Australia, North America & Africa, Ryan has a wealth of experience in getting products to clients wherever in the world they may be.

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Marketing Director

Laurra Davis

Founder of her own marketing agency, Laurra guides brands towards successful communications. Developing brands from the ground up here at Five, Laurra has shaped and delivered the mechanisms by which Five communicate with their clients and provides consistent branding, collateral and communication across Five’s brands.

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Commercial Director

Mike Davis

Mike has guided and built a successful marketing agency alongside Laurra for the best part of a decade. His dedication to the betterment of our environment and his vision for Five, of helping every person it possibly can, serves as a powerful driver for delivery of good product, good service and good values.

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Marketing Manager

Mark mcCarrick

Mark joined Five in 2020, bringing with him a decade of experience in the
e-commerce and marketing sectors. With his expertise in web development, UX/UI design and customer understanding, he is dedicated to optimising the experience that people have when they interact with us and ensuring our message and mission is heard clearly. 

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