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Five Create is committed to prioritising sustainability in all the ways we conduct business to promote an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for people and the planet.

Why is Sustainability Important?

Sustainability isn’t a new concept; the idea of living within our means and preserving the world as we know it for future generations has been a viable idea for decades, but it’s more recently that it’s become such a well-known necessity. The basic principles of sustainability are tri-fold; to be economically viable, to provide environmental protection, and to encourage social equity. It’s easy to become focused on the green ideals of the environment, but ensuring all facets of sustainability are met is absolutely vital to our ability to lead happy, healthy lives, and to maintain the world we know and love for generations to come. 

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Wild Mushrooms
Existing Practices. 

At Five, we use as many natural materials as possible in our designs. Our Briiv Air Filter is made from 90% renewable materials, and we’re working on getting that to 100%. Our new Solly Lamp promotes health and wellness using blue light technology, and uses less plastic than any other therapy light making it the most sustainable in the world.

We ensure our products are built to last by eliminating designed obsolescence. Everything we sell is designed to be as long-lasting as it can without becoming outdated, or engineered to fail after a set amount of usage hours. Where faults do occur, all of our products are subject to a warranty policy which assures free repairs if required. We also re-use any and all parts of our products which come back to us that we can to minimise our end waste output. 

We recycle our office and warehouse waste wherever possible, and our brand new office building uses cutting edge energy saving technology to limit wastage and keep use low. 

We reduce where we can, but where we can’t, we work with the Carbon Fund to offset our environmental negatives by contributing towards their reforestation projects. 


The B Corp certification was developed by the not-for-profit organisation B Lab. They developed a rigorous questionnaire known as the B Impact Assessment to consider the sustainable impact of a business. It’s all about having a company with purpose that benefits the world, not prioritising profit over all else. The certification isn’t just about the products we make, but the company as a whole and how we exist in industry. It instils a commitment to continual improvement and progress; we have to be re-certified every three years to keep the certification.

Fern Plant
Fern Plant
Solar Impulse

Our Briiv Air purifier has been recognised as a Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution.


The Solar Impulse foundation appreciates that there needs to be a balance between recognising environmental challenges, and doing what we can to mitigate them, while still enabling economic growth to occur. Being recognised involves passing the Solar Impulse criteria of technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefit, and profitability. Protecting the environment is a key facet of Briiv’s mission and to do this long term requires financial viability for both us as a company and our consumers.

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